Join the Movement Towards Equity and Recovery




Introducing ERRA

The Equitable Recovery and Reconciliation Alliance (ERRA) is an initiative launched in 2020 by a collective of more than 90 King County BIPOC nonprofit and business leaders to ensure the inclusion of our communities in the region’s post-COVID-19 recovery and prosperity. Through our work, ERRA is upending historic racial disparities and the status quo by centering the voices of BIPOC communities in pandemic recovery planning. We are defining solutions, advocating for new allocation of resources, and driving system and policy change for racial equity.

Policy Priorities

The Equitable Recovery and Reconciliation Alliance is committed to advancing policies that promote a just and inclusive recovery for all communities in Washington state. Our partners prioritize policies that address systemic racism, economic inequality, and environmental justice, as well as policies that support marginalized communities such as low-income households, communities of color, and Indigenous peoples. Some of their key policy areas include affordable housing, healthcare access, workforce development, climate action, and criminal justice reform. By advocating for these policies, the Alliance aims to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all residents of Washington state.